A lovely piece written and photographed by the sweetest being, Lindsay Henwood.

There are many wonderful business owners in Tofino, BC. One of them, Lisa Fletcher, is a talented jewellery designer and silversmith. Her work, both beautiful and durable, is inspired by the place she lives in where the weather and landscape can bring all sorts of interesting activities. Her jewellery reflects the West Coast’s characteristics: bold, gentle, dark, bright. What I love most about her work is there is a confidence in her pieces that provide the wearer with more gumption, power, whatever you want to call it. My personal favourite is the bear ring with a chrysoprase gemstone. Lisa is a big part of the local Tofino scene and you can find her at the Saturday market or at her studio. This is the first part of a series of themes I played around with. 



You will for sure see more of Lindsay's work in the future, so take a gander at her website.