Derived from the Latin word jocale, meaning plaything, jewellery has been used as personal adornment for thousands of years. Yet, a piece of jewellery doesn’t reach it’s true potential until it is worn on the body.  It then becomes an extension of personality, of uniqueness. It reflects how you feel, in that moment as an individual but also how others see you.

Custom work is one of the most challenging and fulfilling elements in jewellery design. Working with an individual to develop a piece that helps translate their individual style into a wearable piece of art is very rewarding. Whether you already have an idea in mind, or have a jewel you would like to incorporate, Lisa will work with you to deliver something you love.

Combining organic west coast influence with clean style, Lisa Fletcher Lewellery can work in a variety of metals, incorporating precious gemstones, beads, or shells that translates to the perfect piece of you.